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December 3rd, 2011, 11:27 am

Last chance to make bonus chapter requests!

Alright, it might be a while until the next actual update, since I'm still taking care of the whole 'new author' business. Some of you may have noticed that isn't taking you to Detective Tarson right now. I haven't renewed DT's premium hosting on Smack Jeeves, and I don't plan on doing so until the next update ($60 is a hella lot). So, for the time being, just use

I've also been working on a 3-part point-and-click adventure game for Newgrounds. Right now I'm almost completely finished writing the story and the puzzles. After that I'll write the script, and then all it takes is finding some dude to do the art and some dude to do the programming, which shouldn't be too much trouble at all. The three games together make up over 70 puzzles, which is just absolutely massive. Definitely look forward to it.

Point is, as soon as I'm done with the writing portion of this game, I'll start drawing more pages for Detective Tarson. Hopefully I'll be able to build myself some sort of buffer before we get back up and running again.

Oh, and as the title of the news post says, if you haven't already, definitely make a bonus chapter request.
And if you see any links on the site that lead you to a broken Smack Jeeves page, just change "" to "" in the link and continue on your merry way. Sorry about that, I'll try to revive DT as soon as possible.

Any thoughts or questions? Feel free to share them.

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